Hector and the gang of ghastly ghosts

Highly creepy stuffed creatures, very scary sportswear and one scary start walk to the school bus. Shivery! This is just one of a series of films adapted from Tom Percivals booklets which illustrate Road Safety for kids on the walk to and from school. These were commissioned by VCCP for Texaco and the resulting DVDs were handed out free at all Texaco Garages in the UK.

Directed by Sally Arthur and Sarah Cox. Produced by Alison Graham for Aardman. Illustrated by Tom Percival. Design by Gemma Carrington

ArthurCox animators: Emma Lazenby, Felix Massie, Steve Whittle, Ginny Robertson and Georgie Adams. Compositors: Jon Biggins, Dan Blore, Elliot Dear, Tom Readdy. Production Co-ordinator Ben Lole.