A quick catch up

Well….hasn’t it been a cracking 8 months since we last posted news here!

We had an extremely busy summer, that has lead into an extremely busy winter.

In May, our studio manager and producer Charlotte got married. A few of us travelled to the beautiful Lyme Regis to celebrate with her, which was very exciting!

We made a very important film with Aardman, for the U.N’s Global Goals called ‘The World’s Largest Lesson‘. We are very proud of the finished piece, and its currently being shown in schools across the world at the moment. This was directed by Sarah, and produced by the lovely Helen Argo.

Whilst this was going on we also finished another beautiful project with Aardman,  in collaboration with the Historic Royal Palaces. This was also directed by Sarah, and again produced by the super Helen Argo. The film was to commemorate 500 years of Hampton Court Palace, and was made using lots of children’s drawings (just like The Coronation Procession of Anne Boleyn). Royals, Rascals and Us: 500 years of Hampton Court Palace was premiered in 360 at the palace a couple of weeks ago, and Sarah and a few of the crew went along to celebrate.

And to top it all off – we have just moved offices too! We are in the same building, but have relocated to a bigger unit. Crikey!