Lucy Izzard


Born with two teeth in Sydney, Australia, at the age of four I took residence in my parents birth place, the UK, and began to grow outwards but mainly upwards in Kent. Together with my brother, I explored my creativity with my mothers make-up, fashioning cuts and bruises for ’999 Lifesavers’ home video recordings. I went to KIAD art college after A-Levels to hone this creativity, chose the field of illustration and proceeded onto Kingston-Upon-Thames University taking home a 1st Class Honours BA Degree in Illustration & Animation. Since then I’ve been making films and drawing, in London with Slinky Pictures, 12foot6 & the BBC, in Sydney with the Drawing Book Studios (who continue to represent me as an illustrator) and I now reside in Bristol with my small family where I continue to do the drawing and animation for ArthurCox and Aardman.